Sunday, October 25, 2015

The Prodigal Dog Returns. Again.

I mentioned in my previous post from October 11th that my mom's elderly pit bull had done a bunk. He and several of my mom's other dogs (she has six) had run off after a deer around the first of October, and while the others straggled home later in the day, Brin never returned. My mom lives out in the utter boonies; she isn't even on a "road" of any sort, and the nearest neighbor is over a mile away. She searched for him, but had no luck. Brin had been bumped by a truck back in August (how you can hit a dog on my mom's "road" is beyond me) and his pelvis had been fractured. When your 12 year old dog with a recently fractured pelvis disappears for more than a week, you give up hope. When you get a call from the vet three weeks later saying someone had found him and that he was fine, it's nothing short of miraculous. He was about four miles from my mom's, and he'd only been at the home of the people who called the vet for a couple of days. Goodness knows where he was the whole time, or how he even made it there. Hell, it was even in the OPPOSITE direction from which he'd run off in. Anyway, here he is, back in his spot on the couch as if nothing had ever happened.

On a totally unrelated note... I've started another blog. You know, because I've been so good at keeping up with this one, I figured what I needed was yet another. Hah! Anyway, this one is called Desolation Florida, and it's full of all sorts of the Florida stuff that I find interesting. Or at least it will be. As of right now it only has two posts! :-)

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Well, it is Waycross....

I have been absolutely awful about blogging recently; you may have noticed. It's a combination of being incredibly busy with work, and feeling like blogging about life in the US (especially now that I've settled in one spot) just isn't as exciting as life was when I was living overseas or traveling about the US and considering a return to the expat life. However, I have just been inspired by this excellent blog post to try to get back into the swing of things, blog-wise. This blog post (which you really must GO READ RIGHT NOW, is quite excellent... and of all things, it's a blog post written about Waycross, GA by an Australian. And I learned stuff about Waycross. Totally embarrassing, as my mom has lived there for 12 years, and I have spent way more time than I care to admit in that location over the years. I'm not going to repeat what he said though; you're gonna have to go read it yourself.

Meanwhile, if you're one of those diehards who has followed me from one blog incarnation to another over the years, you may remember that Waycross has a serious problem with animal abuse and animal abandonment. I chronicled a lot of my experiences dealing with that HERE. If you've read that, then it probably comes as no surprise that my weekend in Waycross coincided with yet another example of humans being assholes when it comes to pets. Luckily (?) I missed the animal action, and instead received a voicemail when I got back to Florida from my mother telling me that she was back in the kitten business. She has some new "neighbors" (about two miles away from her), who discovered that someone had dumped two kittens on their land. They "couldn't keep them" so they brought them to her. I have 12 animals and my mom has about 30. The idea that you can't keep two kittens is simply foreign to me, but I guess bringing them to my mother is an improvement over shooting them or pretending they didn't see them. Sigh. So now my mom has two new kittens. As yet they do not have names, and she hasn't even checked to see if they're male or female; they're pretty terrified.

Some sad news for those of you who have followed my blogs over the years: Brin, mom's 12 year old pit bull, has disappeared. You may remember that he did disappear once before - and was picked up nearly two weeks later by animal control - but he was quite a bit younger and healthier then. We are not overly optimistic about a second return of the prodigal dog.

Bye, bye, Brin. You will be missed, buddy.