Sunday, May 3, 2015

Miss Bitchy Comes Inside

After Eostre showed up, I decided that I really could not afford to continue leaving cat food out on my front porch for stray and feral cats, simply because I couldn't afford to keep taking in whatever showed up on my doorstep. Miss Bitchy, the gorgeous and rather feral longhaired tortie who has been eating on my front porch pretty much since I moved in, had other ideas. She sat there and glared at my front door until I realized she was there... and of course I immediately brought her food. And I noticed something - if the food wasn't down already, she would actually let me approach her. She would even suffer a quick pat or two. We began a routine in which she would show up on my porch, and I would spend a few minutes talking to her and trying to pet her before putting down the food. Then I started opening the front door and placing the food bowl on the floor inside my living room, trying to lure her inside. The first couple of times I tried this, I was foiled by the various cats living inside my house, who all wanted to eat said food while growling at the bitchy cat on the front porch. However, I finally lucked out and had Miss Bitchy show up at a time when all the other kitties were napping... and in she walked. She has been inside ever since.

She is still Bitchy with a capital B, but she seems to have settled right in. I can even pet her a little bit, every now and then, before she turns on me. She is covered in thick mats, and she really just needs to be attacked with a scissors and a brush, but it's going to be a while before that happens. I've managed to get three large, nasty mats off of her, but a lot still remain. Here's hoping she lets me brush her sooner, rather than later!

You wouldn't think she was all that bitchy...

...but watch this: