Sunday, March 22, 2015

Sidewalk Garden: Week 2

Other than planting a few squash plants, I haven't had a vegetable garden since I was a pre-teen in 4-H, so this is pretty exciting to me. Now, I'm not sure that a handful of plants all accessible from my front sidewalk necessarily qualifies as a vegetable garden - or that these plants will live long enough to give me any veggies - but for now everything seems to be going well. For starters, everything is still alive! Honestly, that's a pretty big deal for someone who is not really into, you know, planting stuff. And not only is everything still alive, but it's actually growing. All of the plants have gotten bigger, and the seeds have sprouted. Woohoo!

 photo tomatoes_zpsqlbchjwe.jpg
My tomato plants have doubled in size.

 photo peppers_zps6kkau9co.jpg
The pepper plants have as well.

 photo squash_zps0wv1mz7b.jpg

 photo zucchini1_zpschktysly.jpg

 photo tarragon_zpskwsvwp84.jpg
And my tarragon has put out little yellow flowers, allowing it to blend in with the wildflower/weeds surrounding it, haha.

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