Sunday, March 22, 2015

But I thought this was supposed to be a CAT blog?

Okay, okay. I know that prior to the advent of my sidewalk garden, posts were few and far between. I'm going to try to get back into blogging regularly - although with the insanely busy week I've got coming up, I'm not sure how well that will work out. And yes, I am aware that blogging about vegetable gardens isn't exactly in accordance with the American Cat Lady theme of crazycatladiness. So let's remedy that, shall we?

First of all, the best way for you to get your fix for cat lady updates is to like the Charlie & Mochi - and friends facebook page (and be sure to select 'get notifications' after you click 'like'), because I post cat (and dog) pictures there nearly every day. 

 photo cmfbpage_zpsrtov128a.jpg

If you've been following the Charlie & Mochi - and friends facebook page for a while, you're probably familiar with the fact that I (not surprisingly) am feeding some of the feral cats in my neighborhood. One of the regulars at the feeding station on my front porch is a gorgeous feral tortishell, one of the most beautiful cats I've ever seen. And she is completely unfriendly. She doesn't seem scared of me in the slightest - in fact, I can get pretty close to her. However, if I try to touch her, she turns violent. I am totally intimidated by her. I see her make the rounds to at least two other houses, so she's well fed. I don't know if she has an actual owner or not - or if she's been spayed or not. I've tried to trap her, but she won't go in the trap. She's too smart for that nonsense, apparently. She currently looks humongous, as she has her long, fluffy winter coat. I just hope that under all that fur she isn't pregnant.

 photo miss_bitchy_zpsw3k8e8gy.jpg
Miss Bitchy, the beautiful feral tortie.

And speaking of humongous cats, Jasper the geriatric giant whom I brought home a few weeks ago is doing well. He has calmed down a lot, and he will let me pet him for short amounts of time. He's still not overly thrilled with me, but he does seem to be adapting to his new home. Initially I had the pet gate up to keep him in the spare bedroom (as he is too overweight to climb over it), but the other day I decided to take it down in the hopes that having more space in the house to explore, he might actually get some exercise. That plan isn't exactly working, since as far as I can tell, he has yet to leave 'his' room. What's really fascinating to me is that Charlie, who has never really been too interested in other cats, seems absolutely enamored of Fat Jasper. She follows him around his room, and seems to want to be near him at all times. Hell, recently she's been sleeping in the spare bedroom with him, instead of snuggling in bed with me!

 photo stalkee_zpsuuatrja5.jpg
Jasper peers out his now un-gated door.

 photo stalker2_zps5n3flw14.jpg
Charlie, stalking Jasper

 photo stalker1_zpsahtifopr.jpg
Jasper and Charlie

Meanwhile, I STILL cannot pet Polly. Still! She's gotten a lot bigger, and has become fast friends with Chappie. They frequently wrestle, chase each other about, and then snuggle. But as soon as I get within a few feet, off she goes. Sigh. She'll even let gigantic Wolfie (the Belgian shepherd) closer to her than she'll let me get. So not fair!

 photo chappolly_zpsiwljpfzr.jpg
Chappie licking Polly. She turned and let him have it with all those extra claws a couple seconds after I snapped this.

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  1. Such beautiful cats!! : )

    Have you ever thought about doing something like this ( with Charlie?