Tuesday, December 23, 2014

It wouldn't be December without another dog or two...

Yes, I am a cat lady. Nonetheless, it seems as though every December I suffer some sort of dog-related crisis, and this seems specifically related to the fact that I am quite often in southeast Georgia during December. In December of 2012 I got into it with local animal control up there over some stray dogs, and ended up bringing troublemaker Nadya home with me. In December 2013 it was (among other things) the litter of puppies my mom and I found dumped in a Budweiser box on the side of a country road on Christmas morning. This December, as I was on my way up to my mom's, I found a skin-and-bones long-haired chihuahua-mix on the side of the road out in the boonies.

 photo sadie1_zps2bc86615.jpg

This dog, now named Sadie, turned out to be one of the sweetest and best-behaved dogs I have ever rescued. She had obviously once been cared for (she loves to snuggle and is potty trained!) although not recently. When I found her, not only was she incredibly skinny, but she was also crawling with fleas and infested with roundworms. And, unfortunately, a trip to the vet revealed that she was heartworm positive. However, thanks to the wonders of the interwebz, she now has a forever home with a woman I grew up with and her family.

 photo sadie3_zpsfc2fae6a.jpg

 photo sadie4_zps9cdab3a4.jpg

 photo sadie5_zps93d9a91b.jpg
Mochi wasn't exactly thrilled with this development. Yes, she was humping him.

 photo sadie2_zps3a588b99.jpg
Sadie at her new home :-)

And then, of course, my mom found this little guy. It's hard to tell from the photo as there's nothing for scale, but he's only 5lbs - which makes him smaller than Sadie!
 photo sunny_zpsa1a5accd.jpg

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