Sunday, November 23, 2014

Ichetucknee Polly Update

I had assumed, based on her size, that Polly was around 6-7 months old (she is about half the size of Chappie, who was born in May). Imagine my surprise when I took her to the vet yesterday and was told that based on her teeth, she was at least a year old! Oh, and also pregnant. Great. Luckily, she was still fairly early on in her pregnancy, and I was able to leave her at the vet to be spayed. Still, I had been planning on taking her and Castor Bean to the super cheap, low cost clinic to be fixed in December during my break. I was not expecting to pay $170 to get her fixed. So that was definitely the bad news. The good news, though, is that she tested negative for the two Big Bads of feline health, FeLV and FIV, so when she comes home from the vet she can be introduced to the rest of the cats. She's spending the weekend and Monday at the vet, and I am sure that whatever aspects of her fear that she had overcome in the week that she was here will be gone, and we'll be starting again at zero for winning her over. Anyway, in the interim, let me leave you with some more pictures of her amazing feet:

 photo polly2_zpse6c7017d.jpg

 photo polly3_zps08a41b29.jpg

 photo polly1_zpsf88f400a.jpg

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