Saturday, November 1, 2014

Finally, that's finished!

I finally finished my first big project as a homeowner, one which I've been working on since August. I knew as soon as I saw this house for the first time that if I bought it, the carpet in the absurdly large bedroom was going to have to go. Pets plus carpet inevitably equals disaster. Of course, I had hoped to prolong the carpet's life as long as possible, in order to save some money and perhaps pay off my fumigation bill... but after my mother gifted me with Castor, the Peeing Little Puppy, the carpet's days were numbered. I started pulling it up and putting down tile in late August, doing a little at a time, and I only just finished this evening. Take a look:

 photo tile1_zps8fac1b05.jpg

 photo tile2_zpsfc51716e.jpg

 photo tile3_zps52ea1c53.jpg

 photo tile4_zps1bb4f361.jpg

 photo tile9_zps8a22fbc9.jpg

 photo tile8_zps3817cede.jpg

 photo tile9_zps8a22fbc9.jpg

 photo tile6_zpsa7f6b539.jpg

 photo tile7_zps50c9bc66.jpg

 photo tile11_zps44b7ee8a.jpg

 photo tile12_zpsfe77276f.jpg

 photo tile13_zps9c076845.jpg

 photo tile14_zps8028ff58.jpg

 photo tile15_zpsaaff94b0.jpg

 photo tile16_zps8ff9c35c.jpg

 photo tile17_zps7ceadfb8.jpg

 photo tile18_zps17307936.jpg

 photo tile19_zpse9a8af6b.jpg

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  1. This is a little late, but congratulations on conquering your first homeowner project! : ) Don't cats just make the best project assistants?