Friday, July 18, 2014

The High (Springs) Life

It's been nearly two weeks since I last wrote - two weeks of getting settled in to my new house. Nothing too new or exciting has happened, just unpacking, organizing, decorating, and acquiring the minimum amount of furniture needed to live. The spare bedroom and dining room are still empty, and most of the living room 'furniture' consists of cheap camping chairs, but that's fine by me.

 photo charlie_zpsd30f2355.jpg
Charlie is starting to resemble a linebacker: no neck!

Charlie got sick this past week. As I'm sure most of you know, Charlie is quite a vocal cat, and well.... she lost her voice. Yep, as humans can lose their voice when they get sick, so can cats. We don't normally notice because most cats don't carry on non-stop conversations with their humans. However, it was pretty obvious with Charlie. Additionally, she had a low-grade fever, was lethargic, and wasn't eating. Luckily, she perked up pretty quickly with antibiotics, and she seems to be feeling better - even though her voice isn't quite back to normal yet.

 photo wolfie2_zps11d2b0ca.jpg

Wolfie has been a little stressed out by the move, and is on happy pills at the moment. They've definitely made him calmer, although his biggest problem - holding his pee for way to long - hasn't completely been resolved. I can walk him all over town, and he won't so much as think about lifting his leg. Mochi, in contrast, will pee on every single tree, bush, shrub, flower, and mailbox post. 

Chappie the kitten is, of course, doing fine. He's pretty much running the show around here.

 photo chappie3_zps735874ec.jpg

 photo chappie2_zps7ec0a5ec.jpg

 photo chappie4_zps0d1c0e99.jpg

 photo chappie1_zps7b3136a2.jpg

The trouble with having rugs on the wall is that sometimes Chappie climbs up them...

Bagira and Mochi have adapted to the new house with out any health or mental problems.

 photo bagira1_zpsa1e789db.jpg

 photo mochi_zps07463c3e.jpg
Mochi's tuckered out :)

 photo mushrooms_zps1786bb64.jpg
My yard gets the coolest fairy rings!

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