Saturday, June 14, 2014

last weekend, this week

Last weekend I went up to Georgia. Because of my schedule, I knew that being gone all weekend was going to put me behind a bit... but 'a bit' turned out to be quite an understatement.

Mom and I went horseback riding on Saturday morning. The weather was dreary, but it didn't rain... and the cloud cover kept the temperature way down. Given how rarely Honey and Merlin get ridden, I am always so amazed by how well-behaved they are. I will say that since I hadn't ridden in nearly a year, I was unbelievably sore afterwards. I wonder how the horses felt? Haha.

 photo ride_zps8df93537.jpg
Horse cam! Honey's ears and Merlin's ass; this is how pictures taken while riding these guys usually look. Honey does not like to be out front!

 photo dragonfly_zps1b2d28b8.jpg
There are so many dragonflies out at mom's land - and this fella was very into posing for the camera!

I mowed the yard of my GA house for the first time in months. Amazingly, my garden was still alive under everything.

 photo mowedyard_zps627a301c.jpg

My Saturday evening involved a trip to WalMart. What else do you do in southeast GA? There was a pretty incredible sunset that night, although unfortunately I was in the not-so-picturesque WalMart parking lot at the time.

 photo walmart_zpsb8c89cec.jpg

Saturday evening my mom and I picked up what looked like a homeless puppy. It was near a house that was near her land - and we did knock on their door, but there was no answer. Given how skinny and pathetic looking it was, we took it home. We named her Petra, and she was super sweet. She gobbled down food and slurped up water like she hadn't had food or drink in days, and spent the night snuggled up next to me on my pillow.

 photo petra1_zps5cd4072c.jpg

 photo petra2_zpsb1d3c6fd.jpg

The next morning, mom and I swung by the house near where we'd found the puppy, just on the off chance that it really was theirs. And yep, it was their puppy. Seriously? The scrawny, super hungry/thirsty, puppy that was out in the road actually has a home? Sigh. Yep. I hated to give her up, but given how many animals we have between the two of us - and how many actually homeless animals are in that part of Georgia - we had to return her. I hope she will be OK, but given that the owner told us about how his previous two dogs had gotten run over, I am not overly hopeful. NPH, little girl. (And before anyone mentions calling law enforcement or the local humane society, the puppy's owner is a cop, and the local humane society? Well, it's this place. Granted they're now on their fourth director in seven years, but same song, different verse if you ask me.)

I drove back down to Florida on Sunday afternoon. I figured I'd take a nap, get up, go grocery shopping, and then spend my evening lesson planning and getting everything ready for the upcoming work week. Well, I took a nap... and woke up with the beginning of a migraine. I had no food, so the whole grocery shopping thing was a necessity. I popped some Excedrin and tried to do a whirlwind trip through Publix (closest grocery store to my apartment) before it hit in full force. I was mostly successful, except for forgetting such essentials as deodorant and cat food. Sigh. At that point I had to take an Imitrex and was done for the night. (It was actually one of the worst migraines I'd had in a long while. They always enhance any other aches and pains I may have, and between having ridden the horse and having wrestled with the push mower up and down the back porch stairs then through months' worth of unmowed lawn, I had some pretty strong aches before the thing started. Once it kicked into gear, it was essentially a full-body migraine. It was horrendous.)

Luckily I was mostly prepared for my classes on Monday, but honestly it has been one loooooong week of playing catch-up. I've been so busy all week that I decided not to set any alarms this morning, and I slept until 12:30 - which was wonderful and most definitely needed. I still have a lot of work to do (it seems like that's going to be the theme for the rest of my life, haha), but at least I am well-rested!

In the meanwhile, BIG NEWS is coming soon, so stay tuned :-)

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