Saturday, May 17, 2014

Old Florida Images: Hawthorne area

I've been looking at a lot of real estate all over this part of Florida recently, which has taken me into a lot of the small communities surrounding the town in which I now live and work. As a result, I've seen some things (not for sale, alas) that were definitely quite photogenic. I'm pretty sure that I'd never been to Hawthorne, FL before driving out there to look at some property (turned out to not be worth calling a realtor out), so as such, everything was new to me, even if they were very representative of Old Florida. So many people think of Disney and beaches when they think of Florida, but this is the sort of thing I think of:

 photo hawthorne1_zps26197f61.jpg
Cowpen Lane, east of Hawthorne, FL

 photo hawthorne2_zps7682723b.jpg
Off Cowpen Lane, east of Hawthorne, FL
It's located on the shore of a dry lake. Hawthorne has several lakes that have gone dry in the past few years.

The following images are of a house owned by the Johnson family of the historical Johnson Crossroads Community, a historically all-African American community just east of Hawthorne. I am utterly in love with this house, and wish I could own it. It is empty, and seems to have been that way for some time, although it could still be fixed up (it would take some investment though). Sadly, it is not up for sale.

 photo hawthorne5_zpsdd448934.jpg

 photo hawthorne3_zpsd8c1e0c1.jpg

 photo hawthorne4_zps8d3990b7.jpg
This is from the back kitchen (?) addition of the above house.


  1. These are beautiful photos! This is what I think of as "Florida" too, which is hard to explain to people who've never lived there. :)

    1. Thanks! And that's so true. Trying to explain to people that there's more to Florida than Disney/other theme parks and beaches is a losing battle...